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Judy is an architectural researcher, Ph.D. student, and bird protecting design consultant based in Seattle, Washington. Judy grew up in rural Pennsylvania, first learning about the captivating and restorative qualities of observing birds from her grandmother. After completing her BA studies focusing on sustainable architecture and biophilic design in the Middle East, she returned to Pennsylvania to work on various interdisciplinary research projects at Penn State University. While employed at Penn State, Judy began volunteering at Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center as the weekend Animal Caretaker and Educator, spending over three years building relationships with the birds of prey at the center. This experience inspired her to expand her architectural research to include avian conservation in the built environment.

Judy completed her MS in Architecture, History and Theory at the University of Washington with a meta-analysis of the currently available bird protecting designs and the impacts of the built environment on avian species. After graduating, Judy founded Birdphilic LLC, a bird protecting design and research company, where she consults on public and private projects across North America with an overall goal of balancing human well-being and avian welfare. 
Judy is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Washington in the College of the Built Environments, Sustainable Systems and Prototypes. She is developing a system of evaluation for collision-deterring designs and incorporating avian conservation as a component of sustainable design. 

Image: ©Judy Bowes

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