Consulting and Talks

Brief email advice is always free

There is no charge for first-time consultation meetings.

Email or schedule a meeting with Judy to protect birds today! 

Workshops or talks are available to learn more about how your firm can design to protect birds. 

Consulting, workshops, and talks

are available virtually.


In-person site visits, workshops, or talks may be available in Washington, Oregon, and Northern California.

Please email Judy for Details. 

Schedule A Free Virtual Meeting 


Bird Protecting Design Consultations are generally 50 minutes. 

Talks and workshops are 45-90 minutes, including Q&A. Fees include a PDF guide tailored to the location by featuring local sites and resident species.


Design services are available to create custom handouts, posters, or PDFs of currently available bird protecting designs. 


Send Judy an email for consulting fees or rates for talks and workshops. Please note if you are an educational institution, non-profit organization, or IAATE member! 

Image: ©Judy Bowes