Consulting and Talks

Consulting, workshops, and talks are currently only virtually available.

In-person site visits or meetings may be available in western Washington for up to four people. Scheduling in-person consulting outside of WA, workshops, or talks are available for summer 2022.


Bird Protecting Design Consultations are generally 50 minutes. 

Talks and workshops are 45-90 minutes, including Q&A. Fees include a PDF guide tailored to the location by featuring local sites and resident species.


Design services are available to create custom handouts, posters, or PDFs of currently available bird protecting designs and the dangers birds face in the built environment. 


Send Judy an email for consulting fees or rates for talks and workshops. Please note if you are an educational institution, non-profit organization, or IAATE member! 

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Workshop & Presentation Topics

Birds and the Built Environment

Protecting Birds in the Built Environment

Birdphilic: How Birds in the Built Environment Connect Humans to Nature

Birds of Prey and the Built Environment

Bird Building Collisions

Bird Protecting Designs (An Overview)

Landscape Design and Greens Spaces, Urban Birds, and Building Collisions

Protecting Birds from Sustainable Design

Dangerous Structures Beyond Architecture

Artificial Lighting and Bird Building Collisions


Avian Art History

The History of Women in Bird Conservation

Bird Species and Ancient Egyptian Art

Image: ©Judy Bowes