Evaluating Campus for
Bird Building Collisions

 Our project aims to raise awareness across the University of Washington, Seattle campus about the loss of birds due to collisions with glass and lit surfaces while being committed to including underrepresented communities. Students and volunteers will monitor campus buildings for dead or injured birds that have collided with glass surfaces from September 2022 through March 2024. The species and location data collected will help us plan future design solutions and learn which species are most vulnerable to collisions on campus and in our region. Our project aims to create an inclusive space for everyone on campus to learn more about birds and how architecture impacts wildlife. All are welcome to join and everyone’s accessibility needs will be met throughout the project.

Join Our Team as a Student Research Assistant!

Up to 10 hours a week; $20/hour

The College of the Built Environments is hiring a student research assistant committed to the inclusion of underrepresented communities through campus and community outreach while assisting with:

  • Collecting Data on Collision Monitoring Routes

  • Recruiting and Organizing Volunteers

  • Developing Campus Tours

  • Maintaining Social Media Accounts and Website

Students with strong organizational, writing and basic design skills are preferred.

Apply by August 19th at the link below or email a diversity statement, why you're interested in the position (300 words or less), and a resume to the project lead, Judy Bowes. 



Volunteers are essential to reaching our goal of protecting birds and creating a bird-friendly campus! 

ALL are welcome: students, faculty, staff, and community members!

Volunteers will walk the perimeter of a set of campus buildings on an hour-long walking route and record details about any found dead or injured birds and their location. Volunteers can sign-up for one or more hours a week.


The autumn route begins September 8th and ends October 27th.

Sign-up below or email Judy to join us! 

Students have the opportunity to earn credits beginning in Winter 2024.

Abstract Building

Meet Our Team

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Judy Bowes
Project Lead

Ph.D. Student 

College of the Built Environments 

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Jacob Harper
Research Assistant - Data

Informatics Major, Information School

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Alex Anderson
Faculty Contact/Advisor

Director Ph.D. Program in the Built Environment and Associate Professor

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Research Assistant - Outreach